WildFire Self-Defense comes to you! You choose the location. Our experienced instructors bring the training.  Self-Defense Workshops require a large, open space, free of obstacles where participants can move freely and safely.

We offer age-appropriate workshops for adults and children in a safe, supportive atmosphere. We will tailor workshops to fit the age and needs of your group.

Class of girls and young women lined up and training in self-defense workshop at a school.

Self-Defense Workshops for Adults

WildFire workshops bring people together to share their experience, their voice, and their power. We combine information, discussion, role-plays and striking to provide an action-packed training where you gain practical skills and practice in real-life scenarios. Learn to create boundaries, strike with full commitment, and recognize warning signs of offender behavior. Our goal is that you feel deeply connected with your innate power and leave feeling confident, capable, informed, and inspired.

Topics include:

  • Self-Defense Mindset
  • 5 Self-Defense Tactics: Strike, Body Language, Voice, Comply, Tell
  • Intuition and Awareness
  • Body Targets and Body Weapons
  • Offender Ploys and Intimate Partner Violence
  • Myths and Truths About Violence

Training Includes:

  • Setting Boundaries
  • Full Power Striking to Pads
  • Role Plays and Pad Drills with Instructors
  • Responses to Real-Life Scenarios

For women and teen girls age 12 and up, and cis, trans, and non-binary people who are comfortable in a women-centered environment.

Cost: $300 an hour (max. 20 participants)

Standard Workshop: 3.5 hours – $1,050

Workshops for Kids /No Go Yell Tell!

NO GO YELL TELL is a fun, high-energy workshop especially for children. Through storytelling, role-plays, and pad drills children learn to set boundaries with their body language and voice, and to strike with speed and commitment. They practice stopping unwanted behavior from strangers, bullies, and familiar adults.

Topics Include:

  • Self-Defense Tactics: NO GO YELL and TELL
  • Intuition and Awareness – Yes/No Feelings
  • Myths and Truths about Bad Guys: Strangers, Bullies and Familiar Adults
  • How to Get Help from Adults you Trust

Training Includes:

  • Saying NO with Body Language and Voice
  • Pad Drills with Instructors
  • Role-Play Responses to Real-Life Scenarios, Including Telling and Getting Help from a Trusted Adult

For girls and boys ages 7 – 11

Cost: $300 an hour (max. 20 participants)

Standard Workshop: 2 hours – $600