Richard Gillmore Released from Prison

Richard Gillmore

This is a brief a follow-up to the blog I wrote several months ago about serial rapist Richard Gillmore. On Friday, December 16th, he was released from prison classified as a low-risk sex offender. He will spend the holidays in transitional housing in NW Portland’s Old Town neighborhood.

His release comes in spite of concerns about public safety as well as the safety of the women who survived his attacks.

The Old Town neighborhood where Gillmore will live is also where many young houseless girls and women receive services. They are vulnerable and were given no voice in this decision. Survivors of Gillmore’s attacks, including Tiffany Edens, spent Friday posting flyers in Old Town as a warning to the public. When the system fails to act in our best interests, it falls to survivors to take care of ourselves and each other. We are thankful for the survivors and other concerned citizens who continue to work to protect the public from dangerous violent offenders like Richard Gillmore.

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