Introducing the WildFire Blog

Katherine White, Self-Defense Instructor
Katherine White

Welcome to the WildFire Self-Defense blog. I am Katherine, one-third of the WildFire Self-Defense team. Along with Annie and Danielle, I have spent the better part of the past twenty years teaching self-defense. This work is a labor of love. We all have other jobs. We teach because our lives have been changed by violence and because we recognize that, every day, many forms of violence impact the lives of women and targeted groups. This is our way of being part of a solution and part of a much bigger movement toward equality and justice.

Empowerment self-defense is about choice. It is about exploring and developing options. We recognize the power of trusting our instincts. We recognize the will and determination each of us brings to the table. Empowerment self-defense provides training and tools to reinforce the mindset that we can and will do whatever it takes to keep ourselves strong and safe.  

Empowerment is the freedom to be yourself.
Connect with your power.

We intend for this blog to be informative, inspiring, and maybe even, at times, entertaining. We will write about tactics to increase safety. We will call out the myths and stereotypes that perpetuate violence and inequality. We will do our best to stay informed about social and cultural roadblocks and breakthroughs. The WildFire Self-Defense mission is to provide self-defense skills, knowledge, and training to prevent and heal from violence and threat. This blog is a way for us to connect with you in the spirit of that mission. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog to learn why intuition is your self-defense superpower.

Experience the power of your intention, your voice, and your strikes. Create boundaries wherever you need them: in the home, the office, on the playground, or on the street.

These are just three ways you will benefit from training at
Wildfire Self-Defense:

  1. Recognize warning signs of offender behavior
  2. Increase your options to respond immediately
  3. Strike with speed and commitment.

Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can and will defend yourself.

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