Denial: A Dangerous Compromise

Our ability to predict danger is essential to our survival. It keeps us out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, when it comes to predicting violence, we do not always trust our most reliable method of risk detection, our intuition. Instead of recognizing our intuitive alarm as meaningful, we often rush to explain away or deny the… Continue reading Denial: A Dangerous Compromise

Richard Gillmore: The Monster Next Door

On December 16th serial rapist Richard Gillmore will be released from prison in Oregon.  Gillmore was convicted of raping 13-year-old Tiffany Edens in 1986 in Portland, Oregon.  He admitted to nine other rapes of young women and girls. Authorities think he may be responsible for as many as 100 rapes around the city of Portland… Continue reading Richard Gillmore: The Monster Next Door

Intuition: Our Self-Defense Superpower

Side view of a business woman imagining to be a super hero looking aspired.

We all have a self-defense superpower: our intuition. Intuition is a gut feeling. It is a high-speed, information-packed internal alarm that tells you when something isn’t right. When alerting us to danger it can feel like sweaty palms, a knot in your stomach, a rapid heart rate. Pay attention to how yours makes you feel… Continue reading Intuition: Our Self-Defense Superpower