Annie Ericson

Annie Ericson, Self-Defense Instructor
Annie Ericson

I am a certified Self-Defense Instructor, a 2nd degree Black Belt in Pukulan Indonesian Kung Fu, and a student of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Tai Chi. 

I started training martial arts in 2000 at a studio right down the street from my apartment. I was looking for answers to some of the what-if scenarios that played out in my mind and the sense of fear I couldn’t quite shake. Through training, I found a deep sense of confidence, power and possibility and a joy for movement that I didn’t know I had been missing. I also found a community of women on a similar path of transformation through martial arts training. Seeing these powerful role models inspired me to keep going.  

In 2008 I began a two-year course to become a certified self-defense instructor. And I found the missing piece to my training!  Since that time I have taught self-defense workshops to individuals, groups and organizations across the PNW. I am committed to deepening my understanding of how violence impacts individuals and communities and to continuously modifying and improving what and how we teach to meet the needs of any seeking effective self-defense.  

Taking a self-defense workshop is a gift you give to yourself. And Wildfire Self-Defense is a direct connection to that very first spark of joy and transformation experienced on the mat. I hope to share it with you.