Wildfire Self-Defense

Self-Defense training for the What-if and the Everyday

Our Vision

At Wildfire Self-Defense we envision communities where boundaries are set and respected, where individuals recognize the ways violence impacts others in explicit and implicit ways and are equipped and committed to act. We envision communities where offenders are held accountable.

Much as a wildfire can seem devastating to the landscape we have known, we recognize its power to usher in new life, new growth, new landscapes. The courageous commitment to self-defense action can ignite the same courage in others. Together we can create new landscapes and a new vision for the future.

Our Work

We teach because we believe that everyone can benefit from self-defense training. Empowerment self-defense training is about more than knowing how to strike. It is about exploring options so you can choose the action that is right for you. It is about developing the mindset to do whatever it takes to keep yourself safe. It is about having the tools to set boundaries wherever you need them. It is about trusting your instincts and seeing through the chaos of the myths and stereotypes that surround violence. It is about experiencing the power of your intention, your voice, your strikes, and knowing you have the right to use them.

Wildfire Self-Defense class in progress

Our Experience

Together, Wildfire Self-Defense Instructors have over 50 years of teaching self-defense in the Pacific Northwest. It is our mission to bring effective, empowering self-defense training to any who seek it .

Our instructors have led school-based workshops in partnership with:

  • Beach Elementary
  • Beverly Cleary School
  • St. Mary’s Academy
  • Caitlin Gabel School
  • Jefferson High School
  • Linfield College Nursing School
  • El Programo Hispano
  • SUN Schools
  • Barlow-Gresham High School
  • National Charity League
  • Girl Scouts
  • Trillium Family Services
  • Lewis and Clark College
  • Childpeace Montessori

Our instructors have designed workshops for the following businesses in the Portland Community:

  • Squarespace
  • Adidas
  • Multnomah County
  • City of Portland BDS
  • Instrument
  • Urban Nest Realty
  • IRCO
  • Nike
  • Northwest Natural
  • R & H Construction
  • Northwest Education Association NWEA
  • P:ear
  • Outsinde In
  • Athleta
  • Living Room Realty

Meet Our Instructors

Katherine White

Katherine White, Self-Defense Training Instructor

Danielle McGrath

Danielle McGrath, Self-Defense Training Instructor

Annie Ericson

Annie Ericson, Self-Defense Training Instructor

Diana Weaverhuff