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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide effective self-defense skills, knowledge, and training to prevent and heal from violence or threat.

Where We Work

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We teach self-defense at community centers, cafeterias, gymnasiums, meeting rooms, and open outdoor spaces in the Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington metropolitan areas.

What to Expect

Experience the power of your intention, your voice, and your strikes. Create boundaries wherever you need them: in the home, the office, on the playground, on the street. Feel the confidence that comes with learning to strike with full commitment. Recognize warning signs of offender behavior and respond immediately. Have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can and will defend yourself.

Workshops include information, discussion, role-plays, and striking. They are physically active but designed for every body – no matter your level of fitness, training or experience. We create a safe space for people of all abilities to explore their strength and options.

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We Bring WildFire Self-Defense to You!

You choose the location. We bring the training. We will teach indoors or out. All that is required is a large, open space, free of obstacles, where participants can move freely and safely. We have taught in community centers, cafeterias, gymnasiums, meeting rooms, as well as open outdoor spaces.

Our Workshops

We offer age-appropriate workshops for adults and children in a safe, supportive, positive atmosphere.

Adult workshops are taught by women with a focus on the ways women personally and systematically experience violence. They are open to women and teen girls ages 12 and up, and cis, trans, and non-binary people who are comfortable in a women-centered environment.

Our workshops for children are open to girls and boys ages 7 – 11.

COST:  $300/hour for groups of 10-20 participants

  • Sandard workshop for adults is 3.5 hours – $1,050
  • Standard workshop for children 2 hours – $600

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